Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bye Bye Tooth

So Tonight Chubba came up to Syd and said hey look at my tooth! It was dangling to the side, so Syd convinced him to let her pull it out! 

After two tries she just couldn't get it to come out! So Chris offered to try and Chubba refused to let anyone but Sydney do it. So she tried one more time and it finally came out! Now when he goes to the dentist tomorrow he will be sure to show them his missing tooth!

It was cute because after he had gotten the bleeding to stop, he asked Syd if he would get a gold tooth if he stuck his tongue in the hole. Of course after she told him it wouldn't turn gold, he said oh yeah I knew it I just thought I'd ask. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shawn's & Haydens Hunting Excursion

Shawn and Hayden had a wonderful opportunity to go pheasant hunting on a pheasant preserve in Northern Utah.  (Thanks Chris)  The package deal came with 7 birds, a guide, and a dog.  As you can see there are still 2 lucky birds running around out there enjoying life in the wild.  I think we shot about 30-40 shells and hiked a hundred miles.  We had an absolute blast running around the hills chasing birds.  Many thanks goes to our our fabulous guide Kati, the owner of the operation.  We hope to be able to make many more returns in the future.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas bells.......

So  I have some friends that were telling me I was neglecting my children their childhood because we didn't have our tree yet (Amy and Shelly!!) If it were up to me we would wait until Christmas eve to put it up!! So Shawn took the boys and the snowmobile  out to his folks for the afternoon, well in the meantime I went with KayLynne to Logan to get a tree that was already cut and half price.  There is no where in Logan to buy a tree they are all gone.  Except for Home Depot they just happened to get in a new shipment today!!!  So we rush over and pay $40+ for a Christmas tree, Way to much but we have to have a tree right?!? So Shawn calls while we are in Smithfield to tell me he cut a tree with the boys!!!  He told Chubba that mom bought a tree from the store and he was not at all thrilled with the idea of not having one from the mountains, so Shawn told him he would go home and get moms and then bring it back for Nana and that would make him happy. Well mom is not about to give up her $40 tree, it is way prettier then another Charlie Brown tree!! So Shawn did what any good Dad/husband would do and sat at the top of the dougway for a while then took the mountain tree to Nana's and mom got her tree at home!!!  Merry Christmas to all......

New Blog

Hey we just decided to set up a blog (well rather Sydney did because she's the only one that knows anything in this family).  So enjoy it while you can because she leaves in January!!!