Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 Years

 It has been 2 years since AmyLynne passed away.  2 years of birthdays, weddings, babies being born, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween.  2 years of the cold of winter and the heat of summer.  2 years of new school clothes, old shoes, and haircuts.  2 years of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and doing dishes.  2 years of fights and making-up.  2 years of vacations.  2 years of family reunions.  2 years of gum sitting in my purse.  2 years of memories.

AmyLynne would be 10 years old today, how different would she look? Would she be taller? How many more teeth would she have lost? Would she still hate her hair brushed? I know Toby would still be a big part of her heart!!!

It is hard for me to think of her in Heaven, it is easier to think of my grandma helping me along and helping to make right choices, but I know AmyLynne is there watching and waiting to see what we make for this Sunday's treat.

Those 2 years of memories will soon be 3 then 4 and so on.  This month has been difficult, because it marks "years" not just A  year but 2 years so we have now made it through years without her and as hard as it will be we will make it for years to come.

Hold your children, love them, enjoy the years to come!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AHHH the good times

We have had some great fun around the Boer household the past few months.  I am going to post pictures with labels and let you enjoy the fun too!!

 No we did to put the dog in the kennel for the whole trip, we had her in the car while we took her to the neighbors so they could dog-sit!!

 This is in Northern Idaho at an indoor water park at the hotel, the boys loved it, there was slides, hot tubs, swimming, and this wave pool.

 We were in Kellogg, Idaho at the world's longest Gondola, which takes you to the ski resort Silver Mountain, I was nervous because I HATE heights but it was really pretty fun. Of course I had the best day sitting in the lodge and reading my book while everyone else was dumb enough to be out in the cold snowboarding!!! Will they ever learn?? I doubt it.
Dylan and I enjoying the ride up to the ski resort.

 Shawn and I fogging up the windows in the gondola, while I'm sure Hayden was rocking it back and forth (because the sign said not to rock the car)

 We try to hit the Temple in whichever city we happen to be in, this is in Spokane Washington, the day after snowboarding.

                    Next trip was just for Shawn and I in San Diego

 This is the view from our hotel room, I have some nephews that thought this was a pretty big deal!! The Padres were hiring for the season on one of the days we were there and they had a line all around the entire stadium it was crazy, but fun to watch.
                          View from the rooftop of the hotel

        San Diego Temple, all I can say about this one is WOW!!!

Just a marina view

 Getting ready for a night on the town, we went to a party on the USS Midway.  It is a museum as well, we did a tour and took a lot of pictures of different aircraft, we did a flight simulator which was the best one we have ever been in, we were able to do loop de loops and everything!! I seriously almost threw up")

 A lovely picture of Shawn's dream boat (the yacht not me hehe) and the blue sky with sunshine, we had 75 degrees, it was heavenly!!

                           Dylan receiving his Star scout award

                     Josh getting his very last derby car ready to go!!
 This year was the last year for Chubba to do a Pinewood Derby and so there was special attention made to this car because you see Hayden and Dylan had both won at least one derby, and wouldn't you know it it happened all 3 boys have taken home a 1st place!!! Way to go.

Big year for Hayden, he got his braces off and turned the big 16, can't believe my little boy is 16. I guess he isn't really my little boy is he at 5'11 and still growing he must take after his dad. Hayden is a huge help to me and just about the best kid out there!! He doesn't allow many pictures we were lucky on this one:)

Shawn decided that since the girls have moved out ( I keep telling him Joce is not gone forever, just until the summers) anyway the girls are gone so we don't need a Yukon anymore, we put it on craigslist and......
 Shawn bought himself a truck. He told the boys it was for me because I was supposed to get the next vehicle, how did he know I would pick a too-big-for-me-to-drive-around-town-and-pick-kids-up-from-everything truck?? He knows me so well doesn't he?

 The funny part is he was in Salt Lake with his car so he rented a uhaul and towed his car home, smart man!!!


 Hayden was so excited to go snowmobiling for his birthday present. So excited in fact that it seems they were always pulling him out from under some tree!!!

                                          Spring Break
 What better way to spend spring break in the desert riding dirt bikes and driving the rhino around? Well for me it was great, I don't have to cook when we are camping (who am I kidding if Shawn is around I never have to cook) but I don't have to clean or do dishes!! We have a heater, bed and toilet what more could I ask for. The weather was great not too hot or cold, we had great friends with us, tons of food, games, and kids to keep us entertained. 

 Don't you love Hayden's camping get-up?? Shorts and cowboy boots, I am raising the biggest red-neck without even trying!!!!

Poor Birdie was so tired form her week camping she curled up and let Josh cover her so she could sleep so soundly:)

We are doing well, happy and healthy and looking forward to summer!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is my life

It seems that I lie awake through the night thinking of these wonderful posts to write and how knowledgeable I feel and I will save the world, anyone that stumbles onto my blog will be changed for the better (not that everyone is inherently bad) but somehow I can make the world a better place.

Then I get going through my day and I am a grump, the house does not get cleaned, the laundry sits on the floor, dinner is cereal again, I have yelled at my children and I wonder how I could ever make the world better when this is my life?

You know what I did do this week? I snuggled with my husband (who is gone way too much) I had friends over to make soup, I completed a church task that had been looming for awhile, I tied a quilt for a humanitarian project, I've studied spelling with my 4th grader, I've helped with a power point for my 7th grader, we played monopoly ( I am the champion), I wrestled with my sophomore son because he thinks he is stronger than me, I've talked with my daughters who are too far to visit. I've studied my scriptures, and I've set goals for the coming year.

I look at my children and husband and find joy.  No it's not a picture perfect world and it could be better, but it's who I am and I am happy with that.  This is my Life