Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joce's first school dance

Well this past weekend Joce had a school dance called Sweethearts. Its like a Valentines dance, but a formal girls choice. She had so much fun with all her friends, she took a boy in our ward, and everything went great.
I don't think we have more than 3 pictures where Joce, or other kids, are smiling. All the rest are funny faces! Typical Joce.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lots and lots of posts...

Well, since it has been 4 months, we are going to give you a slightly large blog today. yep, i said large, like big, humongous, A LOT!!!

Shawn and Nathlie went to Texas for a week, this is the Alamo.

First boarding of the year 2010. Very first day.

Oh Christmas tree!!

Nathlie was driving.

The last family picture for 2009. The day we dropped Syd off for another adventure in Connecticut.
This is Nathlie's 29th *40th cough* birthday party, dinner and a murder. intense.

Joce had a young women in excellence, red carpet night, she went all out. she was from the 80's and took an hour to comb her hair out. I don't think she will rat it up that high again.

Josh had his 8th birthday! It was really fun with all the family there for his baptism!

This is our very own house! finally its ours!!