Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy Dayz!

I know I am such a slacker on this blog, but I will try to do better! I am also blogging for the marathon so I figured I can always do 2 right??

AmyLynne's funeral was on the 16th and was very beautiful and touching, she and her family are some of the best people around! We had dinner and everything then went back to KL and Troy's place to hang out for awhile, about 5'oclock there was screaming coming from the tramp, it was Chubba he was on with the big boys and came down on Hayden's shoulder with his chin. I pulled him off and had him come sit by me for a few minutes and before long he was off again. About half an hour later he came and told me he had a headache so I had him sit by me again, about the same time Shawn was going to run back to our house for a few things and Chubba asked him where he was going, Shawn told him and then went into the kitchen for a minute, came back out and said good-by again. Chubba asked him where he was going, Shawn told him, almost word for word, then Chubba looked at me and said "my head hurts", he had just said that 2 minutes earlier so we began to question him on other things, he could remember the Prophets name, his birthday,his family, but not why we were at AmyLynnes' house.

I wanted to know if he could still read so I handed him a program from the funeral and asked him to read it for me, it was the most horrible part of the day. He read it silently looked at me and burst into tears, he didn't remember that AL had passed away!! I proceeded to burst into tears as well for his pain, it was awful. It lasted about 2 minutes then abruptly stopped. I asked him why he was sad and he just looked at me with a glazed expression and said "I don't know, my head hurts." We gave him a blessing and headed to the hospital, I had a flower from one of the arrangements in the car it was a lilly, he smelled it and I asked him what it reminded him of he told me AL, I said "why?" he said "because she is beautiful" Then I asked if he remembered what had happened that day, he said no. We went through the grieving 4-5 times that night, until his memory began to return. He had a concussion and had forgotten the entire past week!! Thankfully as his memory returned it all came back so we didn't have to go through it again.

What I found amazing was the episode with the flower, we had never had these flowers before, he had associated then with her even through his injury. The mind is an amazing thing.

The pictures are of him in the hospital and with him all dressed up for the funeral, he was a pall-bearer.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On the run!!

My sister KayLynne and I are going to run a marathon.....stop laughing it's true!

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This is just in case anyone out there still stops in here!!