Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a surprise

We have some big and exciting news......Sydney got engaged!!! Now for the exciting news, she wanted to get married in 2 weeks!!! So we have been very busy running around looking for dresses and picking flowers but the big day was on May 20th. It was a beautiful day and it was pulled off without a hitch. We had been having a lot of rain and when we went into the Temple it was raining but when we came out it was blue sky and perfect. We wereAble to have her photographer there and everything I am hoping to have pictures soon. They will be staying here for the summer and then going back to school this fall. We will enjoy getting to know Justin better.

Hayden got himself a dirt bike and has been having lots of fun riding it, he seems to come home after every ride and tell me of some other thing that he broke because he crashed!!!

Joce has her seminary graduation last Sunday and her high school graduation this Thursday, I can't believe that she is all done with her high school career, it seems like just yesterday she was beginning kindergarten. Now she is all grown up:)

We have to get a new camera so I will get some fun ok ethers and get them downloaded soon.
I have my marathon on the 11th of June too. So we are keeping busy as usual.