Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some things you see, and, some things you don't.

After a while there are just some things that people don't want to do.  And some things we have to do. Well for us kids we HAVE to, not want to or need to, we have to.  Dang it.  But for the parents they don't have to do anything, unless they are hinted to do it by their own parents. How about we see what some of these have to's and get to's are.

Then there is just some things that you can do, without anyone knowing. But you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

So here it is Friday the 13th and Hayden's 13th birthday!!  When he was born and we figured that he would turn 2 on Friday the 13th I wondered if that was an omen or something, well he has been the greatest kid so calm and sweet, but now he is 13 on Friday the 13th where does that put us?!?  He went and withdrew from Eagle middle school today and begining Monday will be going to Galileo Science and Math Magnet school. I am excited he is excited!!  He came home and took the rest of the day to spend with Shawn, they helped a family in our ward who is moving to Hawaii,move stuff into storage then packed up and went on a scout camp, he is loving life!!

We are so grateful to Hayden and the young man that he is.  We love you Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nath's Follow up

Ok so I am not the best blogger as you can tell, but these days I can type faster than I can speak!! I went to the Dr yesturday to get the results of all the tests he had run and for my follow up. I am happy to report that I am healthy as can be (well except for this stroke thing!) I swear he tested me for everything under the sun and then some. The only restriction I have is not to lift anything to heavy ( more then 100lbs.) so I guess no more weight lifting, sorry Amy you are now on your own.  I take an aspirin a day and he says it will probably never happen again. However, if it does then that will raise some red flags (ya think) and they will look more into my PFO, which is the flap in my heart that is supposed to seal when you are born but in about 20% of us it does not. It was funny to hear a Dr say "I really just don't know why" but we take that and run, but not to fast!!!  I feel great I am not as tired and I improve everyday, we are so thankful for the prayers. And to know that we are a forever family.

Shawn went back to work this week, to Portland, he left on Tue and will be home tonight, now we know why we moved here 3 days instead of 5 is great!!  Chubba was a little anxious when he left because last time he was gone I couldn't talk. But he is adjusting as we all are.

This house is beginning to feel like home and we are settling in well, I love all the space! There is a field next door for the boys to play in and they have gotten air soft guns to shoot each other with, now I can't wait for spring, although it is 20 degrees warmer then Preston (eat your heart out:)