Friday, October 2, 2009

Youth Day Camp

It has been a very long time since we have updated the blog. We were going to do one for Joce's sweet 16. It didn't work out, so i guess not!
Well this past Saturday, Nath, Hayden, and Joce, went to a ward youth day camp. They had a blast! It was so great to get to know all the youth better and bond with everyone! We had some talks about not judging others, and peer pressure, and just all the regular stuff teenagers need to work on. :)
Hayden said he had fun, but he was super tired from hunting for a whole week then waking up at 6 the next day he got home, especially on a Saturday. He got along so well with everybody. There was also a dead cow out in the field and they just had to go explore that!
It seemed like everyone just loved Joce. She was happy about that. The youth did a skit in their group, here is Joce's group. It seems like they didn't even plan it?? No i don't think they did.
All the groups did a great job. They were all very funny! We had a volleyball net set up, and a bunch of other activities we did. It was a really great experience!