Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our wonderful dog:)

This is our wonderful dog Star we got her for Christmas 1998. She would walk to town with the kids and wait outside of the store to walk them back home, she would chase fireworks on the 4th of July, she would hide from thunder or beg to come in the house, she loved to go for rides in the truck, she had the most beautiful smile (that scared the mailman!!!)she loved to run along and while the kids rode bikes, she hated to go in the water, she had the softest ears, she would put up with kids pulling on her lips, or mom giving her kisses! But most of all she loved us as much as we loved her.

Our sweet Star passed away March 14,2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some of our happenings.....

Palm Springs!!

This is the mountain that Nath "ran" more on that at her running blog seesistersrun.blogspot.com

We had beautiful weather, 78-80, we were there over Valentines Day so Shawn counted that as his big plans!! It was great to just sleep in and sit by the pool, read some books, shop and just be together!
The view from the pool, this was during the 30 minutes of clouds we had all week:)

I want an orange tree in my back yard, this is at Shawn's brother's place in Southern Cal.

While we were there Nancy put Shawn and Bill right to work building a fence, it turned out great and makes a big difference in their yard, well worth the effort (not that it took much effort for those 2!)
It was actually me, Nancy and Clay that did all the work, Shawn and Bill are more "supervisor" material!!

Seattle trip
I find it pretty cool to see Elk on the side of the road just a little way out of Seattle!!

Josh, Dad, and Mom went to Seattle for a few days, we saw Mt St Helens and Mt Rainer, the weather was a perfect 55 and sunny, you don't get that much in the northwest!!

Just a couple of pictures from above the river.

Nashville Trip
This was part of the roof to our hotel!!

Jane Deer Girls

Luke Bryan

Shawn and I had the chance to go to Nashville in January, it was so much fun. I have always loved the South and jump at any opportunity to go that direction. I had never been to Tennessee before so again I was very excited!! We went to a few civil war sites and Shawn being the camera happy guy that he is took way to many pictures for me to post, but we have a great collection to keep the memory alive!!I would love to live in a plantation house!! We were the only ones on the tour so we got to go to the areas of the home not open to tourists, it was amazing. This home was turned into a hospital and had over 700 soldiers in it for several months. The location is one of the bloodiest battles of the war, over 10,000 men were wounded, died, or MIA in just a short 5 hour time.
This is the backside of the house, are those porches the best or what??
We stayed at Opryland it has something like 25 acres of land all under this glass roof! The balloons were up as part of the Christmas display and it was mostly gone by the time we left.
Shops and restaurants were all under this one roof, really no reason to even leave, except of course for all the great music and dancing and of course the Ryman theater where we saw Steele Magnolias, Eric Church, Jane Deer girls, Easton Corbin, and The Band Parry, and Luke Bryan!! We went dancing at The Wild horse and found some real southern bar-b-que, which we find every time we go to the south:)

I've decided to try and update by finding a picture,telling about it and then moving on, since I can't seem to be able to figure out how to post and then write!!