Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haydens Bear Hunt

On Monday, Shawn and Hayden went bear hunting up north a couple of hours away.  They took along a friend that knew the area and said there were lots of bears around.  They left about 4 pm and got home about 11:30 pm.  They actually got something this time.  They drove up in the mountains and then got on the Rhino and 4 wheelers and drove the roads stopping and glassing the hillsides as they went.  Hayden spotted this bear across the canyon laying in the shade kinda on top of a rock.  They were about 400 yards away.  They knew the bear was not aware they were there, so they snuck down the hill and tried to get a closer shot.  

When they were about 300 yards away they set up for the shot.  Shawn was looking through the spotting scope as Hayden was shooting.  His first shot hit the rock underneath the bear.  The bear was looking around trying to figure out what was going on.  Shawn told Hayden to get another shot off when it was right.  Hayden popped off another shot and the bear dropped like a rock.  It was an awesome shot!!

I think he is still grinning and its almost been a week.  The bear was about 5 ft, and had a white blaze on its chest.  The left front paw had been chewed off from where he had it caught in a trap or something.  They had lots of fun and are now wanting to go to Alaska for the big ones.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dylan's 10th Birthday

Well today was Dylan's Birthday. He turned 10! wooo. The Big 1-0!

He got a bike for his present.  On Thursday evening, he got to go with Mom and Dad to the musical "Brigadoon".  3 hours of a musical that you dont understand is almost too much, but he is still singing the songs today.  We asked him after the play if he understood what "Brigadoon" was or was about, and he said "No, but it was good."  
Today, during the day we decided to go to the neighbors and do some zip lining!! Thanks to Kevans assortment of construction equipment, we can make a 150 ft zip line starting at 40 ft in the air.  It was a blast and everyone loved it!  We will post a video of Nathlie soon.  When they pushed her off, it was all over but the screaming..   Here is a video of Dylan on his big day.  


After an afternoon of zip lining, Dylans family and friends came over and we had dinner and an Ice Cream Cake.  It was a great day!!