Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more pictures of the trip

Our favorite place to eat (besides Chadders)
The fog rolled in at the beach but we had fun anyway!
Two very tired parents
Josh and Kayty enjoying a much needed break

Joce and Grandpa

Will you just take the picture already???

Minnie was the only character we saw out and about

We love Toontown

Another picture of the kids, we had a group of 16 it was so fun to be together

Gotta love family!!!


Sidewalk of the Stars
Beverly Hills
A giant tree in Beverly Hills
Hayden's birthday at Bill and Nancy's
Loaded up and ready to go!!!

We decided to go with the Sharp Family to California to enjoy some family time together. We made the decision to go on Sunday and left Friday so not enough time to fly (we love spending time in the car anyway) Friday morning we piled in for the 15 hour drive south, so thankful for Redbox! We began our adventure at Uncle Bill and Aunt Nancy's house in Moorpark for Hayden's birthday, then to Hollywood and the sidewalk of stars! Monday found us at Disneyland pushing the gates open at 7:30am and getting kicked out at midnight! The next morning we were waking up the kids to head for Knott's Berry Farm and Josh says "why do you do this to your children?" too funny!! anyway 10 hours at Knotts then swimming and pizza, and another 16 hours at Disneyland the next day!! Grandpa and Grandma came for Mon-Wed too. Thursday found us at the beach chasing waves and building sandcastles then driving as far as we could that night and arriving home Friday. Troy talked with customer service at Disney telling them the reason for our visit and that AmyLynne had been a make-a-wish recipient and they gave him a fast-pass which helped so we didn't have to wait in many lines!!! What a week.
The only thing that could have been better is if Sydney were with us!!

Now to try and post the pictures!!

I will do another post with more pictures