Friday, February 4, 2011

Ok so if you have not been able to tell yet, I have no idea how to download pictures!! These are our pictures from our Christmas with our family from Holland, begining with their departure!! We had an amazing 3 weeks with them. They arrived Christmas Day and stayed until the 13th of January, we went skiing and snowmobiling in McCall, watched fireworks on New Years morning, went to a hockey game, they took a van trip through Yellowstone, swimming in Riverdale resort, SHOPPING and of course the Hardware store!! Just great to spend time together and enjoy one anothers company.

Shawn on his dream bike, which I hope he gets soon (can't you see me on the back of this??)

Troy after playing our new favorite game, he was a good sport!!

Enjoying a break from the slopes at Tamarak, Tante Ger, John, Joce, and Sydney.

Okko wondering if we will be able to dig our way out of the cabin!!

Tante Ger and Jan digging us out of the cabin in McCall, they had to earn their keep somehow!!

We picked them up in style from the airport, John has always wanted to drive a Hummer and I just couldn't find one to rent here so we did the next best thing and rented a Hummer Limo!!

There were 14 people in the house and when Sydney's boyfriend came we had 15 it was so much fun, crazy and oh so quiet when everyone was gone!! So glad they made the trip it was a Christmas to remember for sure:)